Laser Hair Removal

27Pinkx Beauty Bar introduces Yperion OR light a state of the art laser machine with innovative patened technology from France. Our exclusive laser machine has patened technology a first of its kind and set, to revolutionize the beauty industry.

What is OR light?

Or-light is a painless and long lasting hair-removal Technique. Guaranteed hair free and smooth skin for a much longer time thanks to the proven mastering of Intense Pulsed Light technology by a reliable company.
Or-light is 3 times faster than any other competing device on the market Or-light guarantees the removal of 90% of unwanted hair in just a few sessions. The results are already visible and convincing right after the first treatment, with 10% to 30% of unwanted hair removed.


Half Arm  R680 

 Full Arm  R1200  

Underarms  R500      

Bikini Sides Only  R670     

 Brazilian  R1265 

 Hollywood  R1390 

 G-String  R890     

 Chin  R300  

Upper lip R300 

 Sideburns  R350 

 Between Eyebrows  R100  

Half Face  R650 

 Full Face  R980  

Neck R500     

 Chest  R1000 

 Tummy  R1000  

Umbilicus  R300     

 Full Leg  R2625 

 Lower Legs including Knees  R1365  

Upper Legs including Knees  R1365 

 Half Back  R1000    

  Back and Shoulders  R2000

  Buttocks  R850      

Ears  R180  

Nose R180 

 Nipples  R350 

 Toes  R275

  Fingers  R275  

 Full Body R12650