Body Crackle

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BODY CRACKLE is an intensive anti-cellulite mousse with an innovative, patented Crackle technology that includes twelve active ingredients. It helps to improve the appearance of the ‘orange peel’ effect associated with cellulite. The Crackle technology creates ‘micro-explosions’ as the mousse is released by a decrease of pressure, creating stimulation and providing immediate absorption of the active ingredients into the skin.

Key ingredients include Capsaicin (pepper) for the immediate activation and improvement of microcirculation. Ivy, birch, Asiatic Centella help to decongest. Green tea serves as an antioxidant. Aloe Vera provides a hydrating, soothing action and a blend of ingredients to increase metabolic stimulation: Carnitine, Brown Algae, Theobromine, Caffeine and Genistein. Paraben-Free.

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