Hair Growth Products That Actually Work

Getting just one hair loss product will make an insignificant difference, so its better to combine few options to maximise the results and to promote hair growth
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Hair loss is a common problem among every gender and age group. Still, watching it happening to you can be really distressing. Watching your receding hairline, bald patches getting bigger, or thinning hair can be a traumatising experience.

There are quadrillions of treatments available in the market claiming to be the best hair growth products that can stop hair fall, stimulate regrowth, and make your hair healthy. However, not every product can make up for what they say.

What hair growth products can I trust ?

You should choose only hair growth products backed up by credible clinical studies and trusted by dermatologists. To get you started, we are listing some of the best products you can try to make your hair grow faster.

When selecting products, we ensure you get the best-proven treatment, so we set criteria for selecting those treatments. They are all approved by leading dermatologists and tried & reviewed by satisfied customers, so you could make that purchase with confidence. The list is a complete set of products you would need to establish a healthy hair care regimen to fight hair loss.

  • Hair growth shampoo
  • Hair growth conditioner
  • Hair growth serum
  • Hair growth capsules
  • Hair growth tonic
  • Quick Grow Nutritional Shake (optional)

We have listed 5 different types of products, with an optional extra, well, more of a guilt-free indulge yourself great tasting product with hair growth benefits.

Hair growth shampoo

HairTamin Biotin Hair Growth Shampoo. Shampoo’s not only cleanse your scalp but may also have ingredients that aid your hair health. This gentle yet powerful Biotin enriched formula promotes healthy hair growth, prevents breakage, and encourages mega volume. Supporting roles played by key ingredients, aloe vera, cucumber extracts and pro-vitamin B5, add hydrating moisture and high-shine, transforming dull strands into luxurious locks

This Hypoallergenic Natural Biotin Shampoo for hair loss is Sulfate and Paraben free + Safe for coloured hair. This hair regrowth treatment is full of Essential Vitamins for hair growth and is a safe daily hair thickener for color treated hair, highlighted hair, bleached hair & damaged hair, and even black, red or blonde coloured hair. You will quite early on see strands feel thicker and look fuller; this shampoo helps to thicken and texturize any hair type.

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Hair growth conditioner

HAIRtamin Biotin & Botanicals Conditioner is an ultra-hydrating and nourishing, daily formula, infused with our iconic Hair Growth Complex including Biotin, Turmeric, Rosemary, Aloe Vera plus Vitamin E, Silk Proteins and Rosehip Seed Oil to support stronger, more manageable and shinier-looking hair with each use. You will see better results if used in conjunction with the shampoo mentioned above. Enriched with super-antioxidants, this ultra-hydrating biotin conditioner works synergistically to support healthy hair growth, protect from damaging free-radicals, and repair and nourish into touchably smoother, shinier, healthier hair.

It is safe as it does not contain Sulfates, Parabens, and Phthalates. Colour & Keratin-Safe, and is suitable for all hair types.

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Hair growth serum

HAIRtamin Gorgeous Growth Scalp Serum is a clean, 100% drug-free topical serum formulated with essential herbs & antioxidants and a patented Growth Complex, PROCAPIL® 3% to help visibly increase thicker looking hair in as little as 8 weeks with regular use, results may vary from person to person.

This hair serum helps to nourish and hydrate and promotes scalp health for stronger looking hair. HAIRtamin Gorgeous Growth Scalp Serum is effective on both women & men of all hair types and textures, including colour-processed hair and those with a sensitive, dry, oily or irritated scalp.
Free of sulfates, parabens, silicones, glutens, and artificial ingredients and is quick drying.

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Hair growth capsules

In hair loss treatment, oral medication is as necessary as topical products. Hence, we suggest incorporating supplements and multivitamin tablets into your diet. And for this, we recommend going for Trichotin Hair Regenesis. This multivitamin supplement is made with essential nutrients required for healthy hair growth.

Ingredients like Saw Palmetto, Oat Straw, Pygeum, Nettle, etc., minimises hair loss. It stimulates the hair follicles from the inside and restarts the growth process. As a result, you will have reduced hair loss, healthier & more robust hair growth, and clear skin as an added bonus.

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Hair growth tonic

Pro-Active Collagen ADVANCED Liquid Collagen is a unique Medical Grade dietary supplement of premium quality Hydrolyzed Collagen, derived from Bovine, enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Silicon, Zinc Vitamin D3, Vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 and Magnesium. This superior formulation is easily absorbed by the human body, with proven >90% bioavailability. Available in 2 delicious flavours, you can decide whether you prefer the Strawberry or the Lemon.

For women & men, it is fat-free and has no known contraindications or side effects, it actually has many added benefits for joint health and rigidity with a decrease in mobility pain. Aids bone development and growth, enhances skin beauty, maintains strong teeth and gums and the main reason why you happen to be reading this, it strengthens your hair.

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Quick Grow Nutritional Shake (Optional)

The Quick Grow Hair Shake is an Advanced Amino drink containing all 19 amino acids, vitamins and minerals to strengthen hair and give your body all the building blocks it needs to produce keratin. With no sugar, only 50 calories per serving and gluten free – this little tub makes an excellent post gym workout drink or a delicious 3 O’clock guilt free sweet fix at the office. Add 1 scoop to your choice of cold water or almond milk or milk or coconut milk and mix thoroughly in a shaker bottle.

We categorised this as an optional product as it can be substituted for the hair growth tonic, depending on preference and taste. Many people prefer milkshakes, but to prepare 1 everyday might take more effort and in that case a tonic might be better suited for you.

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To no split ends, just a good ending

All the above mentioned hair growth products and treatments are necessary to promote hair growth and to limit hair loss, but can be boosted with some lifestyle changes.

Changes such as eating a balanced diet, avoiding harsh hair treatments and styling practices, managing stress, and getting enough sleep can make a visible difference not only on your scalp but also help with your general health and wellbeing, for a better quality of life,