PCOS and Skin

Women who suffer from PCOS are susceptible to issues such as acne and skin tags. Your skin can be treated with skincare products and some lifestyle adjustments.

Women who suffer from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) are susceptible to skin issues as a result of this syndrome. Issues such as acne and skin tags are common in this case. PCOS-related acne often flares on the lower face, including the jawline, chin, and upper neck. Although not always, but these areas are considered to be a hormonal pattern for acne, which require special attention to treating your skin.

Women can also experience dry skin and dandruff and hair growth in un-natural areas of the body, where no hair is expected to grow. The negative effects of PCOS on a woman’s skin can be treated with skincare products and some lifestyle adjustments, and you can be rid of these negatives and enjoy healthy and beautiful skin and a regular lifestyle.

Handy Tips and Suggestions

Not knowing what to do and how to treat these skin blemishes can be frustrating, but there are ways to minimise the effects caused by PCOS.

Moisturiser for Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common side-effect of PCOS. By consistently applying moisturiser, you will open the pores of your skin so that it can better absorb other skincare products. We suggest that you apply moisturiser on your entire body after taking a warm shower to help your skin absorb cream with valuable nutrients. By consistently applying hand cream, you will also treat the skin on your hands to keep your hands smooth and soft.

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Careful with Hot Water

Hot water can reduce the natural oils in your skin, which can lead to dry skin. In the case of already having dry skin because of PCOS, being exposed to hot water for long periods can be detrimental as your skin won’t manage to retain its natural oils and will start drying up, and avoids itching and scratching which is very bad for skin on any part of the body.. Therefore, try to keep baths and showers as cool as you can take and not as hot as you can manage.

Dealing with Dead Skin Cells

Dry skin leads to dead skin cells, which can instigate or worsen acne. Dead skin cells can clog the pores of your skin, which causes acne. If you want to properly treat areas on your skin that are affected by acne, try using a water-based soap instead of an oil-based soap. The soap must moisturise the skin and exfoliate the pores to effectively prevent acne.

Skin Tags

Skin tags can develop as a result of PCOS. These patches of darkened and thickened skin are the effects of a condition called acanthosis nigricans, which is a result of elevated levels of a specific hormone called androgen. We recommend that you consult a medical professional to ensure that it is not a sign of something more serious.

In Conclusion

PCOS can have a noticeable impact on your skin, and it can be minimised. We offer a wide range of skincare products to ensure that you can give your skin the love it deserves in dealing with the related issues of PCOS. Take control of your skin’s health and beauty with us on your side!