Body Sun Care

  • Heliocare Gel Cream Brown & Compact Promo

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    HELIOCARE Gel Cream Brown & Compact Promo

    Tinted sunscreen. All skin types.

    A light cream that not only provides the essential photo protection and prevention of the Heliocare range, it also provides foundation coverage helping to even out the texture and tone of your skin. Heliocare Color Light is also available for Lighter skin tones. Receive 26% discount on the compact and fluid combo

  • Heliocare Ultra Capsules

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    Heliocare Ultra Capsules, oral supplementation adds an extra layer of protection when the skin is exposed to the sun. They should always be used in conjunction with a high factor, broad-spectrum sunscreen to help protect the skin from UV radiation which causes skin ageing, hyperpigmentation and skin cancer due to DNA damage. Recommended for fair skin types, those with photosensitivity (sun sensitive) due to medication, post skin rejuvenation treatments and those at risk of skin cancer.

    Key ingredients include high concentrations of Fernblock, a natural plant extract, Polypodium Leucotomos, a tropical Central American fern with clinically-proven high levels of UV protection. This unique formulation is boosted by potent antioxidants Vitamin C & E, Lutein which helps to protect against eye damage, and Lycopene. Gluten-free. 30 capsules.

    Dr Webster’s Recommendation: These capsules provide internal protection and should be used daily together with your sunscreen – it is important to note that the capsules do not replace your sunscreen. When used together with your sunscreen they give superior protection for those who spend prolonged periods outdoors: sportsmen/women, outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor occupation. Also recommended for those post skin rejuvenation treatments when the skin is vulnerable. People with skin conditions requiring UVA or UVB radiation such as psoriasis, porphyria where medication increases a person’s sensitivity to the sun should also take this additional supplementation.

  • MESOESTETIC Mesoprotech Sun Protective Body Lotion

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    The sun protective body lotion is suited to all skin types and contains a healthy dose of Vitamin E as an added benefit. Since Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant, the body lotion helps to fight off free radicals created by the harmful UV damage. A body emulsion that provides a high sun protection. Silky texture rapid absorption.

    Size: 200 ml