Hand & Feet


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    Peel set. Body & hands.

    This peel set consist of Bio-Body Peel and Bio-Body Concealer which chemically exfoliates dead skin cells on the for the whole body. The AHA promotes an even skin tone.

    Size: 2 x 120 ml


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    Silver Bag with 50ml Body Bath/ Body Scrub/Body Lotion
    Including: 10ml Cuticle Remover
    Foot File


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    • tainless Steel Cuticle Trimmer
    • Professional remove dead skin.
    • Made from premium brushed stainless steel to retain sharpness for a very long period of time. You’ll get the precision cut every time you use it!
    • Sharp jaw head construction for a quick, painless snip of hangnails and cuticles.
    • Cut even the tiniest cuticles with clean snip every time, without pulling or tugging.
  • Elim Spa Age Reversal Hand Cream For Dark Spots

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    The Elim MediHand Age Reversal Hand Cream is an intensive anti-aging formula specifically aimed at age reversal and eliminating dark spots on the hands. It also promotes the natural repairing mechanism of the skin.


  • Elim Spa Alpha Hydroxy Acid Exfoliant – An Enzymatic Foot Scrub

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    The AHA Foot Exfoliant forms part of the Elim MediHeel Pedicure System. A combination of Glycolic & Lactic Acids that peels & exfoliate with natural Jojoba Oil Beads and Cellulose. The formula is packed with hydration actives, leaving feet and lower legs soft and smooth in appearance.

    • Lactic Acid for treating fine lines.
    • Shea Butter is considered a super food for the skin and also restores elasticity.

    • Glycolic Acid reacts with the top layer of the skin, breaking it down by dissolving sebum and other substances that bind cells together, leaving behind smoother healthier feet.

    • Lanolin works by creating a barrier on the surface of the skin to help prevent water from evaporating.

    • Sweet Almond Oil is a potent antioxidant. The oil is especially rich in proteins and can provide the amino acids required for the formation of collage

  • Elim Spa Callus Kit &Foot Perfector Combo For Cracked heels

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    The Elim Callus Removal Kit and Foot Perfector take care of any unwanted dead skin and stubborn calluses while rejuvenating the skin for softer and healthier looking feet.

    The Elim Callus Softening Kit and Foot Perfector Combo is the perfect combination that was designed to get rid of calluses and cracked heels in one application and in less than 10 minutes! The Combo was designed for home use to maintain ultimate results for very compromised and dry heels. It includes the Callus Removal Set and the Foot Perfector to daily moisturize and keep feet healthy.

    Why do I need the Elim Callus Softening Kit and Foot Perfector?

    Soften calluses and dead skin

    Create softer, healthier looking heels

    Feet: A non-slip Balm with Super Hydration Actives

    Callus Softening Kit: With a single application, dead skin is softened in only 10 minutes by a chemical process.  Apply to the dry areas only. Includes your Elim Tonic, PH Neutralizer, Large Pumice and all the tools to perform the chemical peel on the heels Foot Perfector. Our Foot Perfector is a medium weight cream that brightens and softens the feet. Vitamins B5, C, and E nourish the feet while the unique gel-powder helps lock in moisture, ensuring a non-slip finish. Anyone with cracked heels and calluses will know that wearing open shoes can be embarrassing. With the Elim Callus Removal Kit and Foot Perfector, you can kiss unwanted dead skin behind.”

  • Elim Spa Callus Softening Kit 10 Minutes to Perfect Heels

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    The Callus Softening Kit contains an active callus remover, a PH neutralizer and all the tools to remove the dead skin cells from the heel. The tonic is a keratolytic alkaline solution that softens the protein bonds, making it easier for dead skin cells to be removed from the heels. It works only on the outer layer of the heel and softens the cornea stratum. It is the ideal product to apply to very dry and cracked heels. The Kit is was designed for home use to maintain ultimate results for very compromised and dry heels.

  • Elim Spa Cuticle MD For Dry and Damaged cuticles

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    The Elim Cuticle MD is an antibacterial cuticle rescue with a blend of 10 Oils to keep the cuticles in peak condition. The heart of the formulation is Coconut Oil, which is also a natural SPF for the Nail and Cuticle and protects against bacteria and fungi. The ingredients include Coconut Oil, Vit E, Citrus Oil, Moriches Oil, Soybean oil and Calendula Oil, Grapeseed, Sweet Almond and Arnica Oil and finally Tiare Flower Extract