• RECOMFORT-EYES (Eyes & Lips Mask)

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    This mask has a creamy texture, providing comfort to the eye contour. It nourishes and hydrates the eye contours intensely. It also works well on the lips, leaving the skin supple and comfortable.
    This product is distinctive thanks to its sensory touch and its ability to be applied to the eyes and lips, immediately enveloping them in a deep, gentle cocoon.

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  • Relax Eyes 15ml (Reviving Cream) Matis

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    The solution to blur the puffiness and dark circles.

    This treatment fades dark circles and puffiness. With its draining effect and its corrective pigments, the signs of tiredness are reduced and the eye look is embellished.

  • Sensibiotic Peel

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    Sensitive skin serum, comforting action This new serum includes the sensibiotic complex. Concentrate of active ingredients, it is based on the microbiome: first skin defense system. When the microbial flora is balanced, the barrier function of the skin is intact, the skin is less attacked and regenerates better. Thanks to its active ingredients, this serum has 3 complementary actions: it rebalances the skin ecosystem, reduces skin sensitivity and brings comfort. An essential product for sensitive skins with an immediate soothing feeling and a deep action to reduce sensitivity. The skin is soothed, comforted, and less and less sensitive. The tolerance of the skin is improved. Its fine and silky texture envelops the skin with a comforting veil. Intended for women of all ages with sensitive and reactive skins. Dermatologically tested

  • SensiDemak Cream 200ml (Cleansing Cream)

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    Soothing cleansing cream for sensitive skin.
    This makeup removal cream will gently remove all traces of makeup thanks to its creamy texture. The combination of saffron flower and illipe butter makes the skin softer and more supple. Sensitive skin feels instantly soothed.

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  • SensiDemak Mist 200ml

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    Perfecting essence, sensitive skins ,bringing softness and freshness to your skin. The combination of saffron and linden flowers will provide comfort to your sensitive skin. Spray on the entire face and neck area.

    Saffron flower: reduces micro inflammation and redness; soothing.
    Linden floral water: softening, calming and soothing.

    Use in fine mist on the whole face and neck, or with cottons after SensiDemak-Cream or The Face Lotion.

    The lotion is a complement to skin cleansing. It helps remove residue caused by pollution and impurities that remain on the skin after using a make-up remover. Afterwards, your skin is ready for a beauty treatment, whether it is a day or night cream It can be used in the morning and at night. When you wake up, use it before applying your daily moisturiser to remove the sebum that has built up during the night. In the evening.

  • Shine control purifying care

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    An essential care for restoring  a peachy soft skin.

    This day cream is a daily care for combined skin-types which are prone to oiliness. It refreshes the skin while controlling sebum production and gives it balance, well-being and unshining appearance. The skin is moisturized, fresh, clear and velvety.

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  • The Cream (The Day) 50ml Matis

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    THE CREAM: absolute anti-aging care with CAVIAR and Damask rose, offers a unique, global anti-aging solution. Its formula blends all the power of French caviar, known for its rich content of omega-3, proteins, minerals and vitamins, with marine collagen, which boosts fibroblasts.


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    An Anti ageing treatment toner contains Caviar, which stimulates cellular regeneration. It’s alcohol free & has a revitalising effect on the skin.