786 Cosmetics Izamal – Breathable Nail Polish


Size: 10ml

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Concern: Feet, Hands
Type of Product: Nail Polish

This bright and vivid yellow is inspired by the beautiful city in Mexico, Izamal. Nicknamed “La Ciudad Amarilla” (or “The Yellow City”), Izamal is a small town in the state of Yucatan that is famous for its bright yellow buildings. The name Izamal means “dew that falls from the heavens.” The city was founded nearly 2,000 years ago by the Maya and is believed to have been named after the ancient Mayan god Itzamna. Not only will you find the beautiful painted city rich in color, but it is also rich in history as it is home to ancient temple pyramids.

Izamal is a bold mustard yellow. Two coats to get a full opaque look.