Beauté Pacifique Symphonique Hyaluronic Serum


Size: 30ml

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Type of Product: Serums

Serum. Indicated for anti-ageing and hydration.

Serum Symphonique is a hybrid Hyaluronic Serum that combines a powerful moisture boost with advanced anti-aging peptide technology. Its ingredients include two types of active Hyaluronic Acid that provide your skin with immediate additional moisture, which stays at a significantly elevated level throughout the day. The Hyaluronic Acid levels are further boosted by an additional peptide that improves the skin’s own internal production of Hyaluronic Acid, resulting in smooth, plump, and youthfully looking skin. Yet another advanced peptide relaxes the skin’s micro-musculature, smoothing out fine expression lines. A third peptide boosts the skin’s own defense against damage from both visible and invisible light. The penetration of the active ingredients is further boosted by Beauté Pacifique’s own PAPAIN-based exfoliation concept, which gently removes dead skin cells from the top layer of the epidermis, enabling better penetration of the active ingredients. This Serum provides a perfectly moisturised skin with a natural glow, ideally preparing your skin for your preferred day cream and make up.

Size: 30 ml