BIODERMAL Bright Complexion Lucent+ Capsules 90 capsules


Supplement. Hyperpigmentation.

Nature’s breakthrough cocktail that enhances skin luminosity. BRIGHT COMPLEXION minimises age-spots, reduces the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet whilst fading skin complexion colour. This results in a radiant glow which is achieved by healthy skin cells and reduced toxicity in the body

Saturation period: 4 weeks. Best results from 12 weeks onwards. Colour saturation: Individual response will vary according to colour of the skin

Size: 90 capsules

Size: 90 capsules

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Brand: BioDermal
Type of Product: Skin

upplement. Hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles.

Bright Complexion Lucent+ is formulated to target the skin’s pigment cells, melanocytes, and the body’s reaction to pigment stimulating factors; photoinduced oxidative damage and skin inflammation. Bright Complexion Lucent+ combination ingredients does not only promote an even skin by fading age spots, melasma, hyper-pigmentation, but also combats the signs of premature skin ageing. Capsules are made from vegetable (Veg Caps).

Bright Complexion Capsules has been discontinued. The Bright Complexion Lucent+ is a new improved formula that has replaced the Complexion Caps.

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