Mesoestetic Glycolic + Vitamin E + F ampoule (10 units)


Mesoestetic glycolic acid + vitamin e + f (10 x 2ml ampoules) is an exfoliating treatment solution that helps to minimise imperfections, enhance skin tone and boost luminosity. Suitable for early and mature ageing with uneven skin tone. 10 x 2ml single-use ampoules come in box.

Key ingredients include Glycolic Acid, which helps to breakdown sticky bonds between dead skin cells, speeding up desquamation, cellular renewal, and helping to smooth imperfections. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that prevents free radical damage but also performs a stabilizing function within this high-concentration formula. Vitamin F is a mixture of essential fatty acids that nourish, providing elasticity and softness to the skin.

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4 x R425
Concern: Aging Skin
Type of Product: Serums
  • Due to the acidic nature of its formula, it should be applied at night in order to avoid direct exposure to sunlight after application.
  • Apply to a clean dry skin.
  • Spread over the face, neck and neckline and massage until completely absorbed.
  • Apply your moisturizer after.
    If your ampoule box comes with a dedicated opener, always use this. If your ampoule box does not come with an opener, insert the glass ampoule into the plastic nipple provided and pressure the glass at its thinnest point until it breaks. Remove the ampoule, avoiding touching the glass edge and carefully discarding the broken section. Insert the remaining filled section back into then nipple and then turn it upside down, pressing the body of the nipple to modulate the flow of product. Keep the product on the provided store stand when not in use.