Newtrino Densifying Tri-Pack For Women


Unlock the secret to thicker, fuller-looking hair with Newtrino’s Densifying Tri-Pack for Women, featuring a powerful trio of hair care essentials designed to promote density and volume. Formulated with innovative ingredients, this tri-pack revitalizes your locks from root to tip, leaving you with visibly thicker and healthier hair.

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4 x R332.5
Brand: Newtrino
Type of Product: Conditioner

This Tri-pack is a 3 step hair loss program for women and contains a months supply of Densifying Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum.  These products are designed to work together to combat hair loss by breaking down surface DHT and PGD2 on the scalp and creating a clean, healthy environment that encourages more follicles into a healthy growing cycle with increased hair density.

1 x 250ml Shampoo
1 x 200ml Conditioner
1 x 100ml Serum