Newtrino Densifying Twin-Pack For Women (250ml)


Discover the ultimate solution for thinning hair with Newtrino’s Densifying Twin-Pack for Women, featuring a potent duo of hair care products designed to promote thickness and vitality. Formulated with cutting-edge ingredients, this twin-pack nourishes and strengthens your hair, helping you achieve fuller-looking locks with every use.

Size: 250ml

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Brand: Newtrino
Type of Product: Conditioner

This twin pack is a 2 step hair loss program for women and contains a months supply of Densifying Shampoo and Conditioner.  These products are designed to work together to combat hair loss by breaking down surface DHT and PGD2 on the scalp and creating a clean, healthy environment that encourages more follicles into a healthy growing cycle with increased hair density.

1 x 250ml Shampoo
1 x 200ml Conditioner