Newtrino NewtriLight™ Min


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The NewtriLight™ mini is an electronic device that dispenses the Densifying Serum across your scalp.  It emits safe, concentrated wavelengths of natural red wave light with stimulating high frequency micro-current vibrations that work deep within your follicles to reduce shedding and increase hair density. 

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Brand: Newtrino
Concern: Hair Loss
Type of Product: Hair Styling Tools

How to use your NewtriLight™

Preparing your device – Make sure the device is charged (this device has the capacity of 36 x 5 minute sessions once fully charged).

Adding the Densifying Serum – Open the storage liquid tank lid. Decant 1.25mls (1 full dropper) of Newtrino™ Densifying Serum into the Storage Liquid Tank and secure the lid.

Program settings – Long press the power button to turn on the device on and off, and to switch between modes:

  1. One press: Hair growth mode (red wave laser therapy, vibration and micro-current)
  2. Two presses: Massage mode (vibration and micro-current)
  3.  Three presses: Rejuvenation mode (red wave laser therapy and micro-current)
Scalp Application – Once the desired mode is selected, place the device prongs onto the scalp and gently press the dispenser button to begin releasing the serum while moving the device smoothly across your scalp in a slow, steady pace. If you have a desired area you wish to focus on, move the device in small circular motions over the affected area, pressing the dispenser button as and when more serum is needed.
Treatment duration time – Recommended treatment duration: 5 mins. Product Care – Once finished, clean the device thoroughly (it is waterproof). Leave to dry before returning back into the Silicon Protection Cap for safe keeping and to keep your device free of any impurities.
This device uses 655nm red wave laser light therapy in micro-current vibrations to evenly distribute the Newtrino™ Densifying Serum across your entire scalp and deeper within your follicles.
  • Red Laser Light Therapy

    Emits 655nm red wave laser therapy to stimulate growth and destroy DHT
  • 10 000 Vibrations P/M

    Emits 10 000 vibrations p/m to stimulate activity within the follicles
  • Micro-Current Therapy

    Emits scalp stimulating micro current therapy to activate follicles