Avenge | HPR-3


How to use

Night-time use only.

Start with the lowest concentration strength first and slowly transition to the higher concentrations.

Targeted spot treatment regime: apply a thin layer of serum as a spot treatment to affected areas every second to third night.

Allow for the serum to fully absorb and then follow with your normal night-time skincare regime such as flash, bounce, and marvel.

Ideal spot treatment areas:

– Hyperpigmentation

– Acne, blemishes and breakouts;

– Fine lines and wrinkles;

– Congestion and enlarged pores;

– Oily t-zone.

Full face and neck treatment regime: for a complete high concentration face and neck treatment, apply 1 ml once or twice weekly to the entire face and neck. Allow for the serum to fully absorb before applying the rest of your skin regime such as marvel. Do not use with any other retinol or vitamin A based serums.

Size: 30ml

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This serum is’s liquid gold: the luminous formulation glows both in the bottle and on the skin.

All avenge | HPR products contain high concentrations of hydroxypinacolone retinoate (granactive retinol) and are designed to deliver a potent treatment for the skin that should only be used once or twice weekly. Formulated for preventing ageing skin concerns and to counteract the signs of UV sun damage and intrinsic skin ageing. avenge | HPR is specifically formulated for:

  1. Improving hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and acne.
  2. Minimising pores and sebum production.
  3. Acting as an antioxidant.


Not to be used if you are pregnant or breast feeding or planning on falling pregnant!