Yllume Cleanser 50ml


A gentle, yet hardworking cleanser that combines colourless carotenoids, vitamin ester c, colourless turmeric root, papaya fruit extract and hematite stone extract to control and slow the activity of tyrosinase (the enzyme that stimulates melanin production), working directly on melanin content within the skin cells for an even, brighter and glowing complexion.

Yllume uses an exclusive proprietary process in its creation so that high levels of actives are delivered safely and effectively to the skin. This cleansing foam thoroughly draws dirt, debris and make-up away from even the most delicate of skins without drying. It restores the skin’s texture and tone by delicately polishing for a smoother and renewed complexion.

Key benefits: 

Purifies skin promoting a healthier brighter complexion. Actively reduces UVA/UVB damage. Protects against DNA damage. Stimulates collagen production. Restores skin density and firmness.


Key ingredients: 

Colourless Carotenoids from specially grown Mediterranean tomatoes harvested before they ripen for their proven ability to prevent tyrosinase production – the metabolic processes that cause hyper-pigmentation. Helps reduce UVA/UVB damage and the formation of wrinkles, whilst stimulating collagen production. Skin is brighter, firmer and more radiant, fine lines are visibly reduced.

Vitamin C (ascorbyl glucoside) A potent antioxidant, vitamin C plays a vital role in the condition of the skin. In its stable ascorbyl glucoside form, it provides potent and systemic skin brightening benefits, while effectively fighting harmful free radical activity and the visible signs of aging both inside and outside of cells. Ascorbyl glucoside has been shown to provide antioxidant action greater than that of vitamin

Hematite Stone Extract Iron rich hematite stone extract has a stimulating effect that helps reactivate pro-collagen synthesis to reduce wrinkles and produce a smoothing and renewing of the skin. It has a good retinol like action to stimulate collagen synthesis, a powerful anti-wrinkle action and helps to optimise production of good quality and functional collagen helping fill wrinkles in-depth, for a plumping up effect on the skin. Hematite restores the skin’s texture and tone.

Hydrolyzed Prune Extract Hydrolyzed prune extract acts on preventing melanin from being integrated into the epidermal cells, to prevent the darkening of the skin. This is how the ‘melanin diet’ is integrated into the formula – a method of inhibiting melanin transfer in order to prevent epidermal cells from absorbing melanin.

Bellis Perennis Flower Extract This daisy flower opens its petals each day with the sunrise and closes them at dusk. Its flower offers a brightening extract that contributes to regulating melanin production.

The fragrance: A light fresh complex blend of skin-friendly cold pressed essential oils.

Free from: Mineral oils, parabens, artificial colours and fragrances. Yllume has also consciously avoided common lightening agents such as hydroquinone, kojic acid, arbutin and liquorice extract, some of which are unstable, while for others there is a high risk of skin inflammation and irritation.


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