Soothing Aftercare Gel 90ml (2 Months Supply)


Nourish your skin while reducing hair growth with No Grow Soothing Aftercare Gel. This topical anti-irritant with calming properties helps neutralize hair roots to reduce future growth. Its unique formula soothes the skin, tackles hair density, and enhances the effects of your No Grow plan, providing tender loving care (TLC) for your skin.

Experience the soothing and hair growth-inhibiting benefits of No Grow Soothing Aftercare Gel, designed to provide comfort and enhance the effectiveness of your hair removal routine.
Size: 90ml

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Brand: No Grow
Concern: Hair Removal
Type of Product: Hair Removal Creams

Key Benefits:
Anti-Irritant: Reduces skin irritation after hair removal.
Calming Properties: Soothes sensitive areas.
Suitable for All Skin Types: Gentle and effective for everyone.
Long-Lasting: Offers prolonged benefits.
Enhances No Grow Plan: Boosts the effectiveness of your hair removal routine.
Use immediately after your No Grow application for a gentler and more effective experience, especially if you have sensitive skin. This gel can also be used after shaving, plucking, epilating, waxing, or laser treatment to soothe the skin and reduce hair growth.

How to Apply No Grow:
Read Instructions: Ensure you read the instruction leaflet before using.
Twice Daily Application: Apply once in the morning and once before bed.
Post-Hair Removal: For best results, apply immediately after using hair removal products.
After Shaving/Waxing: Apply immediately after shaving, waxing, depilation, plucking, or laser treatment.
Ensure Dry Skin: Make sure the skin is dry and free from grease before applying.
Dispense Gel: Use a small amount of gel on your fingertips.
Massage: Massage into the skin and hair follicles for 30-40 seconds until fully absorbed.
Gentle Pressure: Use medium to light finger pressure; do not press too hard.
Avoid Eyes and Sensitive Areas: Do not apply near eyes, lips, or sensitive membrane areas.
Daily Applications: Continue with regular daily applications until hair growth has thinned and slowed down.
Wait Before Applying Other Products: Wait 10 minutes before applying moisturizer, anti-aging cream, foundation, or makeup.