Yllume White Caps


the Ultimate Illuminating Skin Supplement. 30 Capsules by Yllume that offers you a solution for all of your skin concerns in just one product. Whether your skin is acne-prone, dry or sensitive

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4 x R450
Brand: Yllume
Type of Product: Speciality Supplements

Balance Food Supplement 30s / 800mg per capsule

Yllume White Caps™ brings the power of Tomesoral™, a proprietary white heirloom tomato powder with colourless carotenoids essential for both nutrition and skin health.

Yllume White Caps™ is further enhanced with BlueGuard-Oral®, a blend of fruits and herbs beneficial for cellular recovery from blue light induced inflammation.

Yllume White Caps vegetarian capsule are free of gluten, sugar, artificial colours, preservatives, salt and yeast.