Zo Skin Health Radical Night Repair


Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Promotes exfoliation and accelerates cellular turnover

Stimulates collagen, helping to tighten and restore skin elasticity

Brightens and evens skin tone

Restores hydration and lipids, and strengthens skin barrier function

Defends against future damage with multiple antioxidant protection

Provides anti-irritant properties to minimize redness and irritation

Size: 60ml

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Concern: Aging Skin
Type of Product: Serums

ZO Skin Health Radical Night Repair

Works harder, faster, and more effectively (contains 1% retinol).

This product features the highest concentration of retinol in an over-the-counter product (5X-10X higher than traditional retinol products). Retinol causes new collagen to be formed in chronologically-aged skin and skin damaged by UV rays. It is the most effective topical anti-ageing ingredient, because it assists in the process of repairing and rebuilding collagen. Given the high concentration of retinol in water-free formula, Radical Night Repair Plus works faster, and more effectively, than any other anti-ageing product.

How to use

Following cleansing, apply 2-3 pumps twice a week in the evening, 30 minutes before retiring. Skip days between applications. Increase to every night as tolerated. Do not apply anything over Advanced Radical Night Repair. Initial dryness, irritation and peeling is normal and typically develops 2-3 days following first application.

Key Ingredients

High potency microencapsulated retinol (1%): Stimulates epidermal renewal and collagen production, and helps even skin tone

Vitamins A, C and E; edelweiss and marubium vulgare plant stem cells: Provide multiple antioxidant protection to prevent future skin aging

Zanthoxylum bungeanum (sichuan pepper) fruit extract, sunflower seed oil and rosemary leaf extract: Suppress irritation and redness to restore a more youthful skin tone. Assists in reducing retinoid reaction

Glycerin(hydration) and plukenetia volubilis seed oil(Lipid restoration): Hydrate and restore the skin barrier with essential lipids to reverse dry, dull skin

Size: 60 ml

Not to be used if you are pregnant or breast feeding or planning on falling pregnant!