Dermamelin Intimate Peel

Dermamelan Intimate is a professional depigmentation method for the intimate area, specifically developed to treat the genital-perineal, peri-anal area, and inner thighs. Dermamelan Intimate’s depigmentation action is complemented with an anti-aging action, therefore making it a unique, all-in-one solution with visible results after a single clinical session. You will leave the clinic and two hours after the in-clinic treatment application, remove the occlusive film applied during your treatment, and take a lukewarm shower to remove the mask. You will then wait 48 hours before starting with the Dermamelan Intimate Home Depigmenting Gel Cream at night for 30 days. Redness and a sunburned sensation can be expected for 24 hours post-treatment. Tightness of the skin can also be experienced due to possible swelling. Peeling, dryness, and skin sensitivity have been reported in the few days following the treatment. Once the flaking subsides you will start to notice improvement of the pigmentation and for further improvement and maintenance, you will be required to continue with Dermamelan homecare. Initially, when using your maintenance creams, the skin will feel sensitive, tight and may continue flaking; this usually subsides after about 2 weeks.

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Back Facial

Our back facial addresses specific concerns such as congestion, back acne, and dehydrated skin in an often difficult to reach area. Your service begins with a deep pore cleanse followed by a relaxing steam to open the pores, an exfoliation and extractions. Your esthetician will complete your service by applying a detoxifying mask to withdraw impurities and restore natural hydration to the skin.

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Bum Bum Facial

This luxury treatment targets a variety of buttock skin issues. Like the skin on your face, the skin on your buttocks are prone to dryness, acne and pigmentation.This treatment includes a deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation, blackhead and whitehead extraction, soothing mask, and targeted serums.

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